Import Service


Import cargo has been EUROMAR’s core business since its foundation. Our staff is highly trained to carry out the customs operations for the import of all types of cargo into Italy and the wider EU. Our AEO status is a guarantee of our reliability in delivery import cargo to our clients in the briefest time possible.



We are aware of the highly competitive nature of the import market: using our own software to analyse the global freight market we work closely with the main shipping lines to obtain the best quality services at the lowest prices and we are able offer our customers a service ‘made to measure’ for their import cargoes.


The Far East and India

For decades, Euromar’s presence in the Chinese market has taken pride of place in the diversified range of logistics activities that we perform. Euromar has been working in the Far East since 1992 when China was taking its first steps in the global market and its spectacular economic growth was just beginning. During those difficult times there were very few players in the market. Our know-how was born and evolved from that period when we strengthened our ties with the Chinese operators and the Italian companies who were early pioneers in the region.


Today our ties with the Far East are solid and far reaching and we can offer a wide range of services we can offer to our customers:

  • Warehousing
  • Customs and documentation services
  • Inspection and surveying
  • Local transport
  • Cross trade

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